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Types Of Visas

Persons who would like to become UAE residents, the United Arab Emirates is offering multi-year residencies solutions for investors, employees, remote workers, and even retirees along with their families. UAE residency holders are eligible to sponsor their dependents. Holding a valid residency is required to apply for the Emirates ID, open a bank account, get UAE driving license, and access to many other services such mobile subscription, real estate rental… etc.

Types Of UAE Residence Visas

Here are different types of Residence visas are permitted in UAE : employment visa, investor’s visa and partner’s visas. However, the process to acquire the visas involves a whole lot of paperwork and regulations. Find below the detail about various types of residence visas available in Dubai and the UAE.

As the name implies, Investors in UAE and Partner Visa is granted to the foreign nationals who acquire a company with shares in an existing entity. Such foreigners may also hold shares in the expatriates, wishing to establish their business on their own in the UAE. This visa is valid for only 3 years and can be renewed by the holder when required. The beneficiary can legally enjoy the benefits of living and working in the UAE. It will also give them the leverage to sponsor the visa of their family.

An investor/partner visa in UAE is provided to a foreign national when they set up their own business in Dubai or invest in an existing business. This is a UAE residency visa that is valid for a period of 3 years.

Employment visas are sponsored by the organizations to their employees. If a foreigner gets employment in the UAE, they must have a resident visa to legally proceed with their professional career and reside in the UAE. The employers who sponsor the visa can be any company from a UAE government entity, UAE mainland, or a Freezone jurisdiction.

However, the first step companies should take before hiring a foreign employee is to process the employment visa. This way, the visa will entitle them to enter the UAE. Upon entering the country, they will undergo mandatory medical tests and will be liable to complete the ID card biometrics to obtain the resident visa and Emirate ID card.

On the other hand, if the employee is already a resident of the country, then the employee visa status can be changed via the country application. However, the medical test requirement and completing the ID card biometrics will remain the same for the issuance of the visa and Emirate ID card.

The employment visa is only valid for 2 years which is sponsored by the mainland or LLC company. However, a visa sponsored by a government entity or Freezone is usually valid for 3 years. They can be renewed after this period.

Employment visas are provided by companies or organizations to the employee who is appointed by companies. The employment visa for Dubai or every other emirate in the UAE has clear guidelines to ensure that the organization must provide employee visas to their employees.

A business visa is a type of long-term residency visa for foreigners to obtain for themselves and their dependents. Entrepreneurs from any other country with experience in the field of new technology or innovative field of business are qualified to apply for a business residency visa.

A business visa is part of the Golden visa system. Foreigners can obtain a long-term visa for themselves along with their dependents with this visa type. Aspiring business owners from any foreign country with experience in the field of innovative field or new technology are eligible to apply for this form of visa.

Individuals with a valid UAE residence visa can sponsor residence visas for their families or dependents. Employees earning a minimum salary of over AED 3000 including accommodation can sponsor their family members regardless of their job titles. However, all dependents have to undergo medical tests when they have completed 18 years of age.