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“VAT De-registration Services in the UAE: We assist businesses in the UAE with the process of VAT de-registration. Whether your annual taxable supplies have fallen below the mandatory threshold, your business has ceased trading, or there’s been a change in your legal structure, we’ll guide you through the steps to successfully de-register for VAT. Stay compliant with UAE tax regulations with our expert assistance.”

VAT De-Registration
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VAT De-registration Services:
Threshold Criteria: Your business may apply for VAT de-registration if your annual taxable supplies and imports fall below the mandatory registration threshold.
Cessation of Business: If your business has ceased trading or is no longer making taxable supplies, you can apply for VAT de-registration.
Change in Legal Structure: If there’s a change in the legal structure of your business, such as a merger, division, or dissolution, you may need to de-register for VAT.