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As Dubai-based business consultants, we aid global investors in establishing their envisioned business ventures in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates. From the initial stages to subsequent expansion, we offer comprehensive support, leveraging our extensive expertise in UAE’s corporate laws and business affairs. Recognized as a dependable advisor, Aura Business Services, our firm, specializes in corporate and business setup services with headquarters in Dubai, UAE.

Our clientele spans various sectors, including trading, real estate, technology, fashion, nurseries, automotive, e-commerce, financial consulting, private-funds investment, and investment management. Our reputation as a reliable consultant for numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporations in Dubai stems from our proficiency in UAE corporate laws.

Our experienced business consultants are well-versed in all forms of company formation in the UAE. With a deep understanding of UAE’s commercial laws, we consistently deliver profitable and cost-efficient solutions to our clients.


Core Values


Dedicated Service

ABS is committed to providing professional and reliable business advisory services.



Our dedication to integrity is evident in the transparency of our services.



We aim for excellence by consistently delivering value through timely and skillful solutions.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to offer professional and reliable business advisory services, empowering individuals and corporate entities to establish and sustain operations. Leveraging our business expertise, we provide practical and effective advisory solutions, ensuring prompt and cost-effective services. Above all, our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as the most esteemed and valuable business consulting firm in the region.

Our Vision

ABS envisions delivering adept professional advisory services, dedicated to excellence and offering practical financial solutions with accountability and responsiveness. Our vision is deeply rooted in our core values of integrity, service, and excellence. Furthermore, we aspire to achieve the highest ranking among business consulting firms in the region, reinforcing our commitment to providing top-notch services to our clients.