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Aura Vision Advisors offers comprehensive VAT consultancy services in Dubai, providing expert guidance to ensure your business compliance with the stringent legal regulations related to Value Added Tax (VAT) in the United Arab Emirates.

VAT Return Filling Services
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VAT Advisory Services: Tailored advisory services based on industry requirements, offering insights into transactional impacts and guidance on navigating the VAT landscape.

VAT Registration: Conducting an independent examination of books and tax records to ensure proper compliance with tax laws, preparing for tax audits, and preventing illegal tax practices.

VAT Return Filing Services: Assistance in filing VAT return form 201, ensuring compliance with VAT rules and regulations. Comprehensive reviews of previously submitted VAT returns are also conducted, with guidance provided on any identified errors or defaults.

VAT Training: Providing extensive training to clients’ employees in the UAE to handle accounting processes and ensure compliance with VAT regulations. Assistance in establishing a fully functional VAT accounting system and incorporating VAT clauses into existing contracts.

VAT Transaction Advisory: Guiding businesses through specific transactions, especially relevant for companies with complex transactions, diverse product lines, and multiple branches. Our experts stay updated on current developments to offer valuable advice on VAT-related matters.

VAT Deregistration: Assisting businesses in the smooth application process for tax registration number cancellation, ensuring compliance with deadlines and regulations.


Superior Knowledge: VAT consultants possess in-depth knowledge of VAT rules and regulations, providing valuable insights and guidance on various VAT-related matters.

Accuracy: Consultants ensure meticulous cross-checking of VAT entries for accuracy, utilizing both digital systems and manual reviews to maintain data precision.

Experience: Experienced VAT consultants can navigate the complexities of VAT return filing, leveraging their industry experience to avoid common mistakes.

Facilitate Easy VAT Registration: Consultants guide businesses through the compulsory VAT registration process, offering assistance with required documentation and procedural formalities.

Time-Saving: Hiring a VAT consultant reduces the time required for analyzing, assessing, and measuring business-related risks.

Audit Ready Records: Consultants help prepare and maintain records to be audit-ready for VAT inspections.

Reduced Risk: VAT consultants draw on their extensive industry experience to advise companies on minimizing potential risks associated with VAT.

Improved Finance Processes: Expert VAT services contribute to the overall improvement of financial processes and decision-making.


Aura Vision Advisors has a proven track record of providing taxation and accounting services globally, catering to start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and multinational corporations. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Aura Vision Advisors offers the best VAT consultancy services in Dubai. If you are seeking a reliable VAT consultant, contact Aura Vision Advisors for expert assistance in VAT filing and compliance.