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Ejari is an electronic registration system accessible through the web, designed to safeguard the rights of parties involved in property lease agreements. It is an essential component of the renting process in Dubai, mandated for landlords, their representatives, property management companies, and their employees.

Developed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, Ejari promotes transparency between landlords and tenants and streamlines contract creation while adhering to government regulations.

How We Can Assist You:

Ejari plays a pivotal role in renting homes or office spaces in Dubai. While both the tenant and the landlord share responsibility for Ejari registration, the tenant typically initiates the process and covers associated costs.

We offer assistance by registering your selected space either through an approved center in the city or via the Ejari portal.

Our process involves collecting necessary paperwork (such as passports, UAE visas, and tenancy contracts). Upon processing, we furnish you with your unique Ejari number, identifying you within the Ejari system. This typically takes one to two days, depending on the chosen registration method.

We also ensure that your Ejari remains up to date:

– Whenever the tenancy contract is renewed, Ejari must also be renewed.

– If you relocate to a new place, we ensure the cancellation of your previous Ejari to avoid interference with your new registration.

Key Benefits with Aura Vision Advisors:

– Easy and Efficient: Our services simplify the documentation and application filing process, making it hassle-free for you.

– Skilled Professionals: Our team of highly-qualified professionals delivers efficient services and tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Q. 1: What is Ejari?
A: Ejari is an online registration system introduced by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai to regulate and facilitate the registration of rental and lease agreements. The term “Ejari” means “my rent” in Arabic.

Q. 2: What are the main services provided by Ejari?
A: Ejari offers several key services, including:
• Registration of Lease Agreements: Ensures all rental contracts are standardized and legally binding.
• Renewal of Lease Agreements: Simplifies the process of renewing existing rental contracts.
• Cancellation of Lease Agreements: Facilitates the proper termination of rental contracts.
• Issuance of Ejari Certificates: Provides official certificates required for various governmental and legal processes.

Q. 3: What documents are required for Ejari registration?
A: To register a lease agreement with Ejari, you will typically need:
• Signed Tenancy Contract: The contract between the tenant and the landlord.
• Tenant’s Passport and Visa: A copy of the tenant’s passport and residency visa.
• Emirates ID: A copy of the tenant’s Emirates ID.
• Title Deed or Proof of Ownership: Documentation showing the landlord’s ownership of the property.
• Previous Ejari Certificate: If applicable, for lease renewals.

Q. 4: Why is Ejari registration important?
A: Ejari registration is crucial for several reasons:
• Legal Protection: Ensures both tenant and landlord rights are protected under Dubai law.
• Utility Connections: Required for setting up DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and other utility services.
• Residence Visa Renewal: Necessary for renewing residence visas linked to rental properties.
• Trade License Renewal: Needed for businesses to renew their trade licenses in Dubai.

Q. 5: How can I register for Ejari online?
A: You can register for Ejari online through the following steps:
1. Visit the Ejari Portal: Access the official Ejari website.
2. Create an Account: Register an account if you do not already have one.
3. Submit Required Documents: Upload scanned copies of all necessary documents.
4. Pay Fees: Pay the applicable registration fees.
5. Receive Ejari Certificate: Once processed, you will receive your Ejari certificate electronically.

Q. 6: What is the cost of Ejari registration?
A: The cost of Ejari registration typically includes:
• Registration Fee: AED 220
• Typing Service Fee: Varies by typing center but is usually around AED 35-50

Q. 7: How does Ejari benefit landlords and tenants?
A: Ejari benefits both landlords and tenants by:
• Providing Transparency: Clear documentation of rental terms and conditions.
• Ensuring Fair Practices: Standardized contracts prevent exploitation and disputes.
• Facilitating Legal Processes: Simplifies dispute resolution and legal procedures.
• Enhancing Market Stability: A regulated rental market benefits all stakeholders.

Q. 8: Can Ejari registration be done at typing centers?
A: Yes, Ejari registration can be completed at authorized typing centers across Dubai. These centers assist with document preparation and submission.

Q. 9: What role does Ejari play in trade license renewal in Dubai?
A: For businesses operating in rented premises, a valid Ejari certificate is required to renew their trade licenses. This ensures the business location is legally registered and compliant with Dubai regulations.

Q. 10: What is the Ejari logo?
A: The Ejari logo is a recognizable symbol representing the Ejari system and its commitment to regulating and standardizing rental agreements in Dubai. You can find the official Ejari logo on the RERA website and all official Ejari documentation.