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ICV Certification


The Unified In-country Value (ICV) program, led by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), is a pivotal initiative in the UAE. It encourages local businesses to focus on obtaining ICV certification, stimulating economic development within the Emirates. Taskmaster offers services for ICV certification, supporting businesses from the start.

ICV Certification

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Key Highlights:

Business Stimulus: The ICV program motivates local suppliers to pursue ICV certification, aligning them with major entities like ADNOC.

Supporting Local Businesses: The program strengthens UAE-based businesses by offering them opportunities to collaborate with major players and grow.

Economic Development: ICV contributes to economic growth in the Emirates, creating jobs and investments within the local economy.

Collaboration Opportunities: Participating institutions in the UAE can establish mutually beneficial partnerships with ADNOC and other major entities.

Localization of Activities: Focusing on localizing business activities ensures that economic benefits stay within the UAE, fostering a sustainable and diversified economy.

Aura Business Advisors help businesses navigate the ICV certification process, facilitating their participation in this vital program that supports the UAE’s economic growth and development.