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Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) is an award-winning international financial centre strategically located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

ADGM was created by the Abu Dhabi Government as a catalyst for its ambitious growth plans including innovation and financial intermediation, to advance the growth of the economies in the UAE and MENA region.

Starting from Non-Financial Business
56,402/- AED
Retail Business
40,609/- AED
Financial Business
73,665/- AED

ADGM’s jurisdiction extends across the entire 114 hectares of Al Maryah Island.
ADGM’s three independent authorities – the Registration Authority (RA), the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and ADGM Courts – together ensure that its business-friendly environment operates in line with international best practices, recognized by major financial centres worldwide.
Since opening for business in late October 2015, ADGM quickly gained global recognition for its robust, progressive and responsive business-friendly ecosystem. Through collaboration, and by focusing on understanding business needs, ADGM introduced many ‘firsts’ both regionally and globally.  As a catalyst of growth, ADGM delivers value to its clients and its peers and contributes to Abu Dhabi’s ambitious growth plan and strategy.

The Benefits of Incorporating an ADGM Company

An ADGM company has the following benefits:

  • ADGM allows 100 % foreign ownership.
  • ADGM offers a full ecosystem comprising of legal, accounting and servicing.
  • No limit on the number of activities per license (if the activities fall within the same scope).
  • ADGM aligns itself with the best international practices recognised by major financial centres of the world.
  • Zero (0) direct tax.
  • 100 % repatriation of profits.
  • Multiple and flexible office set up options.
  • Flexible options for investor and employee visas.
  • Get one visa for every eight (8) square meter of office space.
  • Streamlined and time-oriented application process.
  • Simple and convenient business procedures.
  • Zero restrictions on foreign employees.
  • English speaking and common law judicial system.
  • Ease of doing business. In 2019, UAE was ranked 11th on the Doing Business Index.
  • Presence in the heart of the UAE allows ease of doing business with various multinational companies.
  • Easy access to the rest of the UAE and globally. Abu Dhabi’s strategic locations grants easy access to major financial hubs of the world.

Office Space for an Abu Dhabi Global Market Company

Requirement of office space differs on a case-to-case basis and largely depends on the type of business license and the nature of the business activity. For businesses that either require an office space or wish to operate from the Al Maryah island, ADGM provides various office options including hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, office suites and large commercial office spaces. The options available for office spaces are provided below:


The offices provided by WeWork are located at the Al Khatem Tower situated within the ADGM square. WeWork offers private offices, dedicated desks and hot desks. The property also gives access to lounges and conference rooms.

Regus Business Centre

Regus business centre is in Al Maqam Tower situated at the ADGM square. The business centre provides personal office spaces and co-working spaces. The office spaces include window offices, interior offices, office suites, shared offices and hot desks. The business centre gives you flexible options of adding desks as the number of staff in the business grows. Additional services at the Regus Business Centre includes high speed internet, phone lines, receptionist, communal kitchen, office maintenance, business lounges, and access to printers, scanners and photocopiers.

Commercial Office Spaces

Four (4) high end commercial towers namely the Al Sila, Al Sarab, Al Maqam and Al Khatam towers gives access to 200,000 Sqm of commercial office spaces. These towers adhere to international standards. Interestingly, the US Green Budling Council has awarded the LEED Core and Shell Gold Pre-Certification to all the four (4) towers. The following office space options are available:

  • Small office spaces of approximately 182 Sqm.
  • Large office spaces of approximately 1,700 – 1,900 Sqm.
  • Full floor of approximately 1,900 Sqm.
  • One car parking is offered for every 46m2 of office space.

Types of Abu Dhabi Global Market Companies

Public Company Limited by Shares

This company can be formed by minimum one shareholder. The shareholder can either be an individual or a corporate. The individual shareholder must be above the age of eighteen (18) years. This company must appoint at least two (2) directors.

Private Company Limited by Shares / Guarantee

This company can also be formed by minimum one (1) shareholder, who can be an individual or a corporate entity. The individual shareholder must be above the age of eighteen (18) years. A minimum of one director must be appointed in this company. The liability of the shareholder is limited to the shareholder’s investment in the company.

Unlimited Company

The minimum requirement to form an unlimited company is one (1) shareholder and one (1) director. The shareholder / director can be a corporation or an individual [above eighteen (18) years]. In this company form, the liability of the shareholder is not restricted to its investment.

Branch of a Foreign Company

The minimum number of shareholder(s) and director(s) depends on the requirements of the home country. This company requires an authorised signatory in the UAE, who should be above the age of eighteen (18) years.

Investment Company

This company can be formed with the ADGM with at least one (1) shareholder and one (1) director. The shareholder and director must be above the age of eighteen (18) years. However, the director must be an approved investment fund manager by FSRA or any other regulatory authority.